Sunday, September 11, 2011

Generating a list of links for a user's YouTube uploads

This is a very simple application I just wrote to generate a list of all of the video upload links given a YouTube user.


Since this was such a small project, I didn't see fit to have a github repository for it so I just uploaded it to my hosting server.

Download the exe (release) file from:

And the source:
It won't be the best code you'll ever see, but it does the job for the task at hand.


YouTubeUserUploads.exe <username> [file]

If [file] is not given, a file links.txt will be created in the current directory.


Here's an example run using my YouTube username:

C:\YouTubeUserUploads.exe agnt666 uploads.txt
Username: agnt666
Saving links to: uploads.txt

Finished writing 3 links

That would create (or overwrite) a text file called links.txt and write the links to my three currently uploaded videos at the time of writing: