Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bulk converting from


Following an email conversation I had with Philip Matesanz, the owner of Youtube-MP3, I've decided to take down my github repository because of worries that my tool could be used to flood their server with requests. is a free service which lets you convert YouTube videos to MP3s.

It's a great service, but you if you have many YouTube videos you want to convert, it can be a bit tedious to do them one by one while waiting for each one to complete and then download manually; and that's what I aimed to fix.

Bulk downloading

I wrote this application which takes a text file that is filled with YouTube links as input and which then starts relaying those links to the YouTube-MP3 service for conversion and downloading.

The text file needs to be structured as follows i.e. a YouTube link on each line:

The process converting/downloading works in iterations. Those videos which fail to convert/download during one iteration are moved to the next iteration so that the conversion/download can be tried again. This is because YouTube-MP3 restricts its API usage to 10 conversion/downloads per hour. Between each iteration, there is an interval during which the program is halted to wait until the iteration starts.

The make the application more efficient, it converts/downloads videos simultaneously, rather than sequentially. This means that the total running time of the program is equivalent to the longest-running job's time, not to the sum of all the job's times.


Usage: BulkYoutubeMP3Console.exe [options] <Youtube links file>

  -p, --path=VALUE           The download path
  -t, --time=VALUE           The waiting time in minutes between the
                               iterations.  Minimum: 10 minutes
  -x, --proxy=VALUE          Use if you want to use a proxy for downloading.
                               Format => : (default 80)

You can find the source of app from

The following is an example run: